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The Odessa conservatoire (for the time being – the Odessa national A. V. Nezhdanova academy of music) was created on donations of V. A. Orlov, the chairman of Management of the Odessa branch of IRMS(the Imperial Russian Musical Society), and those of other members of this branch, as well as due to the decision of the Main Management of the Russian musical society on the basis of the Odessa musical school (founded in 1897) on the 8-th of September, 1913. On the territory of the Russian empire the Odessa conservatoire became the fourth higher educational musical institution – after St.-Petersburg, Moscow and Saratov conservatoires. Fast development of the Odessa conservatoire was provided by attraction of outstanding teachers-musicians from Italy, Poland, Czechia, Germany, Austria, St.-Petersburg and Moscow. A Polish composer, a pianist, a conductor and a musicologist Witold Maliszewski (Witold Iosifovich Malishewski) – N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov’s disciple – became the first rector of the Odessa conservatoire. Therefore the Odessa conservatoire turned into a higher educational musical institution of the European level from its very beginning.

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