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Institute of International Relations
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he Institute of International Relations today is a branched modern educational and research centre with a flexible academic process system, where 11 specialized chairs and all-Institute Chair of Foreign Languages; they offer training in six specialities: International Relations, International Law, International Economic Relations, International Information, International Business, and Country Studies. The Institute offers training to over 2500 students, doctoral students and trainees, over 250 of these coming from more than 50 countries of the world; 300 students are enrolled for extramural courses. Over 200 highly qualified members of the teaching staff, professors and associate professors train the students. Of them, more than 25 are Doctors, Professors, and 80 academics who have PhD degrees (Candidate of Sciences) are Associate Professors. Besides, well-known Ukrainian and foreign researchers, educators and practitioners from other departments of the University, other research and higher educational institutions of Ukraine and from abroad deliver lectures, teach practical courses, supervise diploma and course paper writing. Civil servants from the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Economic and European Integration, from other ministries and agencies of Ukraine, foreign political figures and diplomats make presentations for the students on a regular basis.The Institute of International Relations hosts numerous national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables on a wide range of international Issues. Furthermore, meetings with high foreign students, ambassadors of foreign states to Ukraine are organised. Specialised monographs, collections of scientific articles, specialized academic councils on defending Candidate and Doctor of Sciences dissertations.

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Area Level Duration Cost $
East European Studies Master 1.5 years 2600
International Litigation Master 1.5 years 2600
European Business Law Master 1.5 years 2600
International Trade Regulation Master 1.5 years 2600
International Entrepreneurship Master 1.5 years 2600
International Management and Marketing Master 1.5 years 2600
International Communication Master 1.5 years 2600


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Institute of International Relations


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