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The foundation date of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University is the 6th of October 1945.Located in the Western part of Ukraine. In its structure the university has five faculties (medical, dental, pharmaceutical, postgraduate faculty and the preparation faculty for foreign students.) which offer such specialties as general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pediatrics, nursery, orthopedic dentistry and fifty one departments.

There are also several laboratories functioning within the structure of the university.

The university scientists participate in elaborating of four scientific public projects, various programs of practical significance and work at the international research centers.

More than 40 % of all the surgery operations in Ivano-Frankivsk are carried out by the professors of the university.

The university maintains communication with Lublin Medical Academy, universities of Germany, Austria, Poland and with all the higher medical institutions of Ukraine.

Sport facilities of the university are considered to one of the best in Ukraine. Sport complex has been working since 1992 and throughout 2013-2016 it was renewed and repaired.

Overall there are about 4800 thousand students studying in the university, 1488 among of them are foreign nationals. Since its establishment Ivano-Frankivsk National medical university has prepared more than 16 thousand highly professional doctors.

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