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We are glad to notify that Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs announces the admission of foreign citizens in 2016 under the following specialties: - Jurisprudence; - Psychology; - Finances, Banking and Insurance; - Law Enforcement Activity; - Cybersecurity. Students will be able to study on the full-time and part-time education forms. After the graduation following education and qualification levels are to be assigned: - Bachelor; - Specialist; - Master (MA).Facts that you should know about Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs: 1. The territory of the University is more than 21 hectares, where there are office buildings, dormitories, developed complex of canteens, cafes, cafeterias (with the access to Wi-Fi), rest areas, parks, playing areas, banking department of “Oshchadbank”, clothing and footwear repair and tailoring shop, barbershop. 2. The University has developed sport facilities, including 5 gyms, 3 wrestling gyms, 2 gaming halls and a summer complex with volleyball, football, and basketball courts. 3. Classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with multimedia complexes, stands, scientific manuals; modern library with the largest library collections and Internet access. 4. Foreign students will be accommodated in a separate dormitory block for a fee specified in the price list, with 2-4 person rooms, as well as all the necessary conditions of life: washing machines, showers with boilers, TV, kitchen rooms, places for self-training. The dormitory is located within a protected area of the University with the established access mode that provides an additional security. 5. Due to the fact that Ukraine has entered into agreements and continues to cooperate in the field of education with other countries, including: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, a diploma of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is recognized in the country of an applicant. 6. Furthermore, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is one of the leading higher education establishments and has the highest - IV accreditation level. Therefore, when the applicant asks, what university to choose, the answer is obvious - Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs!!!!!!!! This year we offer very favorable and attractive prices for you. Welcome to the University for study and become a part of a large and friendly family!

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