Odessa State Academy of Technical Regulation and Quality
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Odessa State Academy of technical regulations and quality originates from 1945. The activities of the institution aims to meet the challenges of providing highly qualified technical regulation and consumer polityky.Nyni Academy, the structure of which operate branch institutes, colleges, accredited certification body produce and test centers, is the only higher education institution in Ukraine, which provides multi training specialists from junior specialist to master in the fields of "Metrology, measuring equipment and information-measuring systems" and "Specific for tehoriyi. " Based on the Academy secretariat function Technical Committee for Standardization TC 163 "quality of education" Odessa branch of the International Academy for Standardization and the Ukrainian branch of the International Academy of Information tehnolohiy.V Academy implemented a quality management system of higher education according to the requirements of ISO technical 9001-2009.Odessa State Academy regulation and quality - the winner of the Ukrainian competition of quality of products (goods and services) "100 best goods of Ukraine" in the nomination "Educational services".

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Odessa State Academy of Technical Regulation and Quality


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