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Today Odessa State Agrarian University is a leading educational-methodical and scientific center, offering training of qualified personnel for various sectors of agricultural production in southwestern part of the Black Sea. The actual chronology of institution starts from the beginning of 1918 - the year of establishment and the official opening of the Odessa Agricultural Institute (OAI). 30.01.1918 in the newspaper "the Odessa leaf" was published: "Odessa has enriched itself by one more major value - High society agricultural Institute, that was opened by local agricultural sector society of Southern Russia." In 2001 OAI was reorganized into the Odessa State Agrarian University (OSAU). Now OSAU is accredited as a higher education institution of the IV level and actively working to create conditions for the realization of inexhaustible potential of students so that each of them could take its rightful place and respect in society. For prospective students who want to become students of our university, we offer a range of training areas for the three-stage system of bachelor-specialist-master and postgraduate await those who wish to devote themselves to science.

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