Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy
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Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy is a modern specialized educational and scientific center licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The academy is widely known outside Ukraine, it is the member of the International Organization of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP).Today the Academy comprises more than 5 thousand students who study at 5 faculties of the Academy. Departments of the Academy provide training of students on the humanities, fundamental, general engineering and special disciplines. The Academy consists of: Educational Scientific Professional Pedagogics Institute situated in Bahmut city. Educational system in the Academy carries out continuous multilevel training on educational and qualifying levels: Bachelor – Master. Students of full and part time departments in the Academy have the possibility to receive the second specialty, and also a working profession. The system of scientific pedagogical personnel’s training which includes doctoral candidacy and postgraduate course operates effectively. In the Academy there are scientific students’ organizations and circles of amateur performance which give the chance to realize hobbies and widen the scope of interests. Sports is an inseparable part of student's life.

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Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy



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